Scraps & Off-Cuts: January

A New Years for the Books

Well, if you haven’t heard it from us yet, happy 2024! We had such a lovely time hosting NYE this year, what fun to ring in the new year surrounded by our lovely community and team. Chef Robbie’s special NYE tasting menu was a real treat, with a melt-in-your-mouth roasted halibut and refreshing locally-made pear sorbet bringing decadent festive joy. We hope to share more special events with you in 2024, so stay tuned for more from us.

Set Menu Remix

Big things in the works this year & we’re starting with a set menu switch-up we think is long past due. 

The concept is simple: more value, more variety, made more accessible. Though they’re lovely, the holidays are not cost-effective, and the new year can be a dreaded struggle; what’s more, we know that these are not particularly affordable times. So, we want to do what we can to ensure that Lyon’s is a space for all to share our love of sustainably-sourced seafood. 

You can now think of the set menu as a pocket-size version of the Lyon’s blackboard menu you already know and love. With the redesigned set menu, you are invited to order a selection of dishes each – start with fresh-baked homemade bread and a choice of two small plates from a regularly rotating line-up.  This is followed by a choice of one large plate which is served with a side dish of new potatoes.  

To boot, a wider variety to choose from. Mix and match in-house cured Salmon Pastrami, Hispi Cabbage, Grilled Ox Heart, and/or previous favourite St. Austell Mussels. For large plates, we’re adding a wintery Pan-seared Duck Breast with red wine jus alongside the loved Dayboat Fish and BBQ Cauliflower options from before. And yes, dessert can be added for £6 – our warming Chocolate Fondant or locally-made sorbet. 

All in all, it’s a proper filling Lyon’s meal for £29. A great way to try out some of our most popular dishes, at a bang-for-your-buck price. An indulgent selection for one, a feast for two – we’ll leave the portioning up to you. 

We’re also expanding the timeframe the set menu is available so more folks can come and enjoy. It will now be available Wednesday to Saturday throughout lunch, dinner-time Tuesday to Thursday, and before 6PM on Friday and Saturday. 

It’s the perfect excuse for a lunch or mid-week outing, easy on the purse strings without tasting like it.  We’ll be trying things out for the next month to see what works and what doesn’t. Pop in and let us know what you think.

A Little Bun that Packs Quite the Punch. 

Our Chilli Crab Choux Buns are the perfect mouthful of deliciousness to either start your meal or simply enjoy with a glass of wine.  A savoury choux pastry filled with both brown and white crab meat, silky cream cheese, lemon, and a hint of chilli to add warmth. On top, delightfully different plum ketchup and Old Winchester cheese – a British cross between parmesan and cheddar. Give one a try next time you’re in, it won’t disappoint.

No Rest for the Innovative. 

Our talented bar expert Leighton’s been busy over the holidays crafting our newest house made soda. Inspired by the pickled ginger that comes with sushi, named ‘gari’ in Japanese, this drink is a refreshing spin on your ginger beer. It pairs perfectly with our menu, especially lighter dishes like oysters or the coconut curry flavours of our Pan-Fried Dayboat Fish. With the help of beetroot extract, our “sushi” ginger beer is a gorgeous pink colour. A stylish non-alcoholic drink – just in time for the end of Dry January and beyond.

Signing Off, For Now

As always, we’re open for bookings on our website as well as walk-in’s as you please, and would love to host you. Until then, here’s a little cheers to the art of wine, food, and laughter in 2024. It’s going to be a good one.

From our family to yours,