Scraps & Off-Cuts: February

Valentine’s Day the Lyon’s Way

Hearts were abuzz this Valentine’s Day at Lyon’s! We celebrated the holiday in lots of ways, starting with a mini-makeover of the restaurant by our very own Giulia. Red and ivory balloons in the entryway, red lights, and rose petals a-plenty! Pre-ordered bubbles and roses were available, and lots of little gifts brought in by customers made the night extra special. 

Things were even sweeter at the bar, with Leighton’s Valentine’s cocktail and non-alcoholic cocktail inspired by flavours like rose, lemongrass, and chilli. In the kitchen, Chef Robbie had a special dish prepared that we’ve been dreaming of featuring for a while – Mylor Prawns with Szechuan Chilli mayo. The Mylor Prawns came to us from the gorgeous Fal Estuary in Cornwall, allowing us to showcase beautiful prawns from the British Isles which can be difficult to source!

We also had our own Valentine’s Day hampers – a perfect night in for seafood lovers who wanted to celebrate the holiday, but didn’t want to face the crowds mid-week. The hampers featured our Salmon Pastrami, St. Austell Mussels Escabeche, Cornish Potted Crab, and more, all topped off with a bottle of bubbles. We’ll be doing much more this year with our hampers, so stay tuned.

The festivities spilled over Tuesday through Saturday, and the team worked extremely hard to pull off a magical week for everyone. We’re uber proud of what we’ve achieved and look forward to more weeks like this in future. 

Charity Event in aid of the Hornsey Food Bank

Even though February is coming to a close, things have only been kicking up at Lyon’s. We were beyond proud to host our first Charity Event in aid of the Hornsey Food Bank on the 27th. 

The Hornsey Food Bank opened as a temporary project in 2020, in the midst of the COVID pandemic. During this time, around four hundred people a week were in need of their services, which range from food to sanitary products, but now up to one thousand two hundred people rely on the organisation. Their mission is that of mutual aid, to be neighbours supporting neighbours here in N8. 

We began the night with a special cocktail and wine menu (made possible by the support of a number of generous companies listed below), including a decadent French 76, Old Fashioned, and a Daiquiri. Then began Chef Robbie’s special tasting menu, featuring our popular coal-fired oyster, gurnard crudo, and later roasted halibut. After dessert, a lovely locally-made pear sorbet, the auction began. The list included some incredible experiences, like a portrait by local artist Andrew MacDonald, a private dinner party with expert Chef Hamish Brown, and a fish butchery masterclass with our own Chef Robbie. 

This special event is one we hope will be the first of many opportunities we get to collaborate with the incredible Hornsey Food Bank. 

We are immensely grateful to all who attended and supported us in creating this event, we raised far more than we ever expected, and would like to extend a special thanks to Hamish Brown, Ambriel Sparkling, Two Drifters, Ellis Wines, Everleaf Drinks, Indigo Wines, Nc’Nean Distillery, Nessa, The Modest Merchant, Sapling Spirits, Oblix at The Shard, Ladbroke Hall, Zuma, 3Tribes, Philip Alexander Estate Agents, and Andrew MacDonald. 

Lunches We’re Open

We plan to open for a few bonus Sunday lunches throughout the next few months. Please note our set menu will not be available during these lunches. Mark your calendars for:

March 10th – Mother’s Day

March 31st – Easter Sunday 

May 5th – Bank Holiday

May 26th – Bank Holiday

& June 16th – Father’s Day

Book your table now for these special days via our website, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding these dates.

Ready for Spring: Sardines

New on the Lyon’s menu this month is our house-cured Cornish sardines with lemon, olive oil, and a trio of peppercorns. This dish features gorgeously textured soft-boned sardines from the sparkling waters of Cornwall. I⁠t’s light, refreshing, and a perfect bite as we move into the warmer spring months. 

It’s a labour of love to get these beauties from the kitchen to your plate. The Cornish sardines come in whole and then must be individually scaled, gutted, and filleted. They are cured in salt for a few hours, washed, and cured again with lemon juice and a trio peppercorns – green, pink, and Szechuan pepper. The cured sardines are then bathed in a light olive oil, and sent out to be enjoyed. ⁠

There are certainly easier dishes we could put on the menu. But there’s just something special about this ancient way of preserving fish we think is worth celebrating. Come join us sometime this week to give it a go for yourself. 

Ready for Spring: The Portra Rosa

A cocktail that tastes as good as it looks! Leighton’s Portra Rosa is a lovely way to start your meal, especially as the days grow brighter. With flavours like lemongrass and ginger, a touch of tequila and bitters, a basmati-infused tincture, and blue spirulina salt on the rim, the Portra Rosa is zippy, fresh, and oh-so easy to drink. Grab one (or two, they’re that good) next time you’re in. 

Signing Off, For Now

As always, we’re open for bookings on our website as well as walk-in’s as you please, and would love to host you. 

From our family to yours,